Hey all! It has been a few months since I launched Bohemian Blooms and I am so pleased with this sweet little business of mine. I’ve taken so many classes and learned so much along the way, and I must tell you that I thoroughly enjoy creating arrangements for you all. Even the most tedious work that comes along with being a floral designer like cleaning my clippers and flower buckets, sweeping stems and leaves from the floor, and organizing my supply shelves has become something that I look forward to. Just knowing that I’m cleaning in preparation to create something beautiful for someone has given me the greatest joy. I’ve even found delight in having some routines that help keep me motivated to create.

Below is a guide that I use often that motivates me to Wake + Create. I’m fortunate enough to be able to work from home, so I understand that some people don’t have the opportunity to wake and create in the type of environment they’d like, but there are ways around those types of schedules too. If you work a 9 to 5 but are also a creative, consider using one of your off days to wake and create. And for those of you who also work from home, like me, you may be able to follow along with this guideline more easily. Whatever your situation, I hope that some of this is helpful to you whether you are a creative or just need some simpler steps to a peaceful start to your day.

  1. When you wake up express gratitude – I always thank God for blessing me with another day of life and breath.
  2. Set your intentions for the day – I slowly start putting together how and what my day will look like.
  3. Take five long deep breaths in and out – Breathing deeply helps me to inhale goodness and exhale any negativity that has been sitting with me.
  4. Smile for no reason – I’m not a morning person, so smiling is a great way to keep me from having a mean mug in the morning…lol! It’s also a great way to begin your day…with a smile.
  5. Forgive yourself for yesterday’s mistakes – Its always a great Idea to start anew each day. Never carry yesterdays transgressions into the future. You can’t change what has passed. Forgive yourself and move on.

I actually practice numbers 1-5 before I get out of my bed in the morning. It only takes 5-10 minutes and makes a world of difference in how you begin navigating through the rest of your day.

6.  Read or listen to something that inspires you – While drinking my morning coffee, I love to sit on my porch and read one of my devotionals that I have downloaded on my phone through the Bible App. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my Instastories where I frequently film my peaceful mornings with my cup of joe on the porch. The purpose is to extend yourself some grace by starting your day smoothly and setting a peaceful tone for your work day. We can’t create in chaos, so decluttering our mind and setting our intentions is our greatest task of the morning. So pick or create a peaceful place in your home where you can soak up some positive affirmations.

7. Make a to-do list – Lists are everything! They are great tools to organize our day. I write out all my tasks of the day and then place a star by what’s most important. I can’t begin to move into a creative zone without knowing how to organize my time for the day.

8. Get dressed and show up – Once you’ve found your Zen, get ready to show up for the day. One of the perks of working from home is I don’t have a dress code to follow, however I do shower and get dressed after having my coffee. Sweats and a t-shirt is normally my outfit of choice…lol! But, because I have other things to do throughout the day like delivering flower orders, or handling banking needs, I like to be presentable. I’ve found myself to be most productive when I’m out of my PJ’s and wearing real clothes.

9. Get your creative juices flowing – It can be tough to get motivated each day to create. I like to go into my studio and put on some good music or a podcast and pull my flowers out of the cooler. Seeing all the beautiful blooms instantly inspires me to start working on projects. Sometimes just standing in your workspace and focusing on what you love about your work will give you the motivation to get moving. And occasionally, when I don’t have any orders to fill for the day I’ll just tinker around in my workspace for a while and that usually gives me the inspiration I need to create something new, or work on upcoming projects.

10. Give thanks for your gifts and talents – All days aren’t going to be good and I sometimes I find myself getting frustrated if things aren’t coming along as I’d hoped for during the day. But, then I snap out of it and realize that I’ve prayed for days like this. Days to wake and create. And I’ve been gifted with talents that only I have. Yes, others may be doing what I’m doing, but no one is doing it like me, with my hands, with my love and energy. So remember to take moments and exercise gratefulness for the gifts and talents you have because they could have been given to someone else, but God chose you.

Keep Blooming,