How the Practice of Smudging Works

Today, smudging has evolved into a daily ritual for a variety of seekers looking to attract and maintain good vibes in their lives. But how exactly does this ancient ceremonial practice work? The clarifying smoke released from smudging herbs emit negative ions that can uplift our mood and purify people, places and even objects. Much like washing your hands before the start of a meal, smudging is the act of cleansing your aura before you feed your soul through ceremony or ritual. Yet of the many sacred plants that have been used around the world for this purpose, indigenous cultures in North and South America believe that sage is one of the most powerful.

The Benefits of Burning Sage in Your Space

Sage originates from the Latin word salvia, derivative of salvere, a Latin verb meaning “to feel well and healthy, health or to heal.” Since prehistoric times, generations of indigenous communities in North America have smudged with what is now known as California white sage in ritual, ceremony and prayer for grounding, protection and peace.

When should I use sage?

  • For deeper energy clearings. When you need to shield yourself from relentless negative vibrations or ward off any unwanted spirits and energies from your home, white sage is your go-to. Its potent cleansing and antiseptic properties are excellent for restoring alignment, tranquility and stability.
  • When settling into a new place. Beginning a new chapter in a different environment is a noteworthy endeavor that requires a special kind of clearing to set things off right. So, it’s best to start fresh with a vigorous smudge in your new space using white sage.
  • After experiencing trauma, radical change, or when working to manifest a major transformation. In times of intense stress, grief and despair it’s vital to clear away heavy energies on a regular basis, sometimes daily if needed—not only to process what you’re experiencing, but also to prevent these energies from becoming stuck by releasing them and creating space for positive energy to help you through life’s challenges. The same can be said after undergoing a drastic change or when you’re in the midst of manifesting a significant transformation, such as a move, starting a new job, graduations, marriage, major weight loss, a breakup or divorce. Since these periods are usually marked by some amount of fear and discomfort, it’s good to get into the routine of cleansing your energy with sage to bring you back to center.
  • PRO TIP: Be mindful to cleanse the corners of a room, doorways, balconies and your bedside, as these areas are focal points in the home where outside energies are prone to getting stuck, and typically require a little more attention to clear them away.

How to Smudge

New to smudging? Or looking for a new way to bring it into your practice? Try this simple ritual:

STEP 1: Collect your tools and open a window.

Gather your smudge bundle or palo santo stick, a lighter, a feather, an abalone shell and a small handful of sand or sea salt grains to protect your shell from the heat of your smudge. Then take a moment to open a window to keep it from getting too smoky and setting off the fire alarm during the ritual. Keeping your space ventilated during the ceremony also helps to transmute and shift any stagnant energies.

STEP 2: Prepare the bundle.

Tilt the smudge at a 45-degree angle.

STEP 3: Light your smudge.

Light one end of the bundle and rotate it in a circular motion around the flame so it’s fully lit.

STEP 4: Summon the sacred smoke.

Gently blow on the smudge after every rotation around the flame until the smokiness is to your liking. Pour the sand or sea salt into the shell to protect it from heat, then place the lit smudge inside.

TIP: Do not create too much smoke, as it could oversaturate your space and even set off fire alarms despite having the window open.

STEP 5: Smudge.

Gently wave the feather through the smoke. Start by smudging all corners, doorways, sacred objects and any other areas of your space that you feel need an energy clearing.

STEP 6: Close the ritual.

When finished, run the feather through the smoke one last time to clear away any energies it made contact with during the smudging. Then, once your space has had time to air out, close the window to seal in the good vibes.

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Source: Bodhi Tree